Flightradar24 Statistics

According to statistics of Flightradar24 receiver at Weather Station Nagu, amount of detected aircraft within about 400 km radius from Nagu has now stabilized to about 200 per day. It will be very interesting to see how relief of COVID-19 lockdown actions will affect and how quickly that will happen. After all, Finland is one of the important air traffic hubs to Far East, and economies are first recovering there.

Another interesting statistics shows the ideal location of the WS Nagu’s FR24 receiver. Rank of F-EFTU7 is 336th in global statistics and 3rd in Finland. While the maximum range has been 322 NM (596 km), the average range has been continuously about 220 NM (407 km).


  1. Aaro Söderlund

    Moi Ari, Pidän tätä lentoseurantaasi erittäin tärkeänä yhteiskunnallisena tietopalveluna! Kerrothan erityisesti muutoksista elämänsykkeessä. t. Aaro

  2. Ari Rosti

    Kyllä, ja heti varsinkin kun tilastot lähtevät nousuun!


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