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Flightradar24 Stats Update

Almost a year ago, Flightradar24 stats of aircraft detected within 400 km radius from Nagu showed the substantial drop of air traffic. Pre-COVID-19 daily figure was about 750 aircraft a day, and in April 2020 the figure was a bit over 200 ( Some recovery has happened. For quite a long time now, the...

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Spring Arrives Soon!

Today, solar radiation reached to over 200 W/m², though sky was not even completely clear! It has to do with the sun rising higher and higher on the sky each day on our latitudes. Tempest has now been fully powered for many days, which is great. It is unlikely it will drain its batteries...

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Update Issues

Update issues again… temperature and humidity measurement seems to stuck from time to time. The reason is Home Assistant that should update these. Station Master switched these to be taken from WeatherFlow Tempest, but there is the risk that it will go offline due to power failure–there has not been much sunlight lately available....

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