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Solar Power Plant Installed

Weather Station Nagu’s house has now a solar power plant installed, with peak power 4,92 kWp. Station Master’s plan is to add current power production gauge and chart to weather station, as soon as integration issues are solved. Below a chart of solar power today by 14 o’ clock.

Open post – real time lightning maps

There is a great site showing real time maps of lightnings, A map showing Weather Station Nagu’s surroundings is now embedded as page – real time lightnings on the website. On, it is even possible to check lightnings of a specific date and time, and even play a loop of 1 hours...

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Tempest Issues

On April 4 after 11:30 pm Tempest’s relative humidity sensor failed and started showing steadily 7%. After reporting this to WeatherFlow support, defect was verified and a replacement unit is on the way. Until the new unit arrives, relative humidity is measured using Ruuvitag. Also solar power measurement is likely faulty showing too high values....

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Freezing Finnish Independence Day

This day, December 6, is Finland’s Independence Day. Today, outside temperature was -13,8 °C at 8 am. It is a record low measure during weather station’s history, as the chart shows: Also the chart showing daily temperatures show that we are experiencing coldness not at all normal:

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Failed Rain Measurement

Long awaited rain came lat night, but WS Nagu did not report rain at all. Today, Station Master inspected Davis rain gauge (which is still used to report rain instead of Tempest), and the reason is now clear: the gauge’s funnel was completely clogged with pollen and other stuff. Station Master should have cleaned the...

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Tempest and Rain Measurement

WS Nagu’s current equipment, WeatherFlow Tempest is installed on top of a mast on Station Master’s house’s rooftop. This should be an ideal placement to measure wind. But a downsize has been that the haptic rain sensor has not worked reliably, due to vibrations of the mast. So far, rain measurement has been taken from...

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Tempest Lightning Detector

WeatherFlow Tempest has a lightning detector. Since station arrived, Station Master has not been able to check whether the detector actually works. But today, there was a thunderstorm in Turku at the time Station master was there, too. Quick check showed that the lightnings were detected in Nauvo. Some settings regarding lightning reporting were off,...

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