Weather Station Hardware Upgrade

Weather Station Nagu started summer 2003 when Station Master decided to combine weather observation and computer software related hobbies and create a local weather station publicly available on Internet.

The original equipment was based on Davis Vantage Pro hardware. That equipment lasted over 15 years with quite a minimal maintenance, and parts of it are still working. During last 5 years I have experimented with different IoT based sensors, but currently, Weather Station Nagu is based on WeatherFlow Tempest hardware. While representing some advanced technology, Tempest’s biggest shortcoming is that it cannot measure precipitation accurately, at least in the environment it is located here.

But now, Weather Station Nagu just have received a brand new Davis Vantage Pro 2 hardware. Station Master will gradually set it up and update all related software, too providing weather data to station’s website. When everything is ready, new hardware will be switched to provide the current weather conditions and maintain the weather database.

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