Tempest and Rain Measurement

New Tempest on a mast

WS Nagu’s current equipment, WeatherFlow Tempest is installed on top of a mast on Station Master’s house’s rooftop. This should be an ideal placement to measure wind. But a downsize has been that the haptic rain sensor has not worked reliably, due to vibrations of the mast. So far, rain measurement has been taken from the old Vantage Pro rain gauge.

Original Tempest bolted to a paving stone

Some time ago, Tempest’s humidity sensor stopped working and thus a replacement unit was sent. It is now the one installed on rooftop mast. But the original Tempest’s other sensors (than humidity) are still working. It came to Station Master’s mind that perhaps the original one could be installed more steadily to get correct rain measurements. Bolted to a paving stone laying on roof bridge should be sturdy enough.

We’ll see how that works!

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