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Update Issues

Update issues again… temperature and humidity measurement seems to stuck from time to time. The reason is Home Assistant that should update these. Station Master switched these to be taken from WeatherFlow Tempest, but there is the risk that it will go offline due to power failure–there has not been much sunlight lately available.

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Tempest Woke Up!

Today, WeatherFlow Tempest got enough solar radiation and it woke up! Battery voltage has so far increased from 2.33 V to 2.37 V. This means we are getting Wind, Solar Radiation and UV Index. Having Wind value, Feels Like can be calculated, too. Measuring Gusts would require even better battery status–with this status Wind is...

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Station Setup and Data Flow

Station Master created an image clarifying the current Weather Station Nagu hardware and software setup. WeatherFlow Tempest should provide all weather data, but since it went offline due to lack of solar power, some data is collected using RuuviTag (temperature, relative humidity pressure) and old Davis equipment (rain). Home Assistant reading RuuviTag originally served our...

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